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Yes. In this tiny kitchen the animal-free chef tests and develops animal-free products for investment worthiness.

And from this kitchen comes the finest recipes and formulas in the world.


Cow Going To Slaughter 2-21-1990 Painted by God

~ Pink Rose in the sky over a black angus cattle ranch in Washington State. That’s how my God painted that rose – through me – years later. Why through me? Because I wanted to paint what I saw. I didn’t see a cow in the sky. I saw a rose. A huge pink rose with no thorns or leaves or stem. So did Steve.

I didn’t know what the painting was when I finished, because I expected a rose. I almost threw it away. The next morning through rested eyes I saw that the ‘COW GOING TO SLAUGHTER rose. ~

3.2 million USA dollars includes reproduction and poster rights



2 thoughts on “I WORK IN A BULL MARKET Test Kitchen! Leave a comment

  1. Share The Animal-Free Chef TEST KITCHEN page with your associates and acquaintances. Let them see what’s new in Food! The newest trends and products on the market today are PLANT-BASED. I guess about all that could be done with the chicken, cow, pig, fish, has been done, leaving the creative minds in food reaching for a new canvas! They’ve got a lot of painting to do! There’s no sky limit on this one. Tell them to visit #AFC GLOBAL for all the recipes needed to begin the developmental process into the world of Animal-Free Cuisine with an EDGE over the competition!

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  2. 121 Nations Viewing THE ANIMAL-FREE CHEF as of 3.14.2019

    I can’t travel around the world visiting other countries. I can’t afford it. They visit me instead!!

    United States. Canada. United Kingdom. India. Australia. Brazil. Germany. France. Ireland. Spain. Sweden. China. Mexico. Italy. Philippines. Netherlands. Belgium. Singapore. South Korea. Switzerland. New Zealand. Norway. Hong Kong SAR China. United Arab Emirates. Czech Republic. Poland. Israel. Denmark. Finland. Japan. Thailand. Austria. Malaysia. Turkey. Russia. Portugal. South Africa. Romania. Hungary. Argentina. Chile. Bahamas. Greece. Indonesia. Taiwan. Dominican Republic. Latvia. Puerto Rico. Vietnam.Saudi Arabia. Serbia. Colombia. Bulgaria. Ukraine. Venezuela. Uruguay. Kuwait. Sri Lanka. Peru. Guernsey. Bermuda. Slovenia. Luxembourg.Trinidad & Tobago. Malta. Jamaica. Egypt. Guam. Paraguay. Slovakia. Pakistan. Iceland. Albania. Iraq. Algeria. Macedonia. Ecuador. Bolivia. Estonia. Croatia. Bangladesh. Moldova. European Union. Lithuania. Morocco. Bahrain. Jordan. U.S. Virgin Islands. Bosnia & Herzegovina. Lebanon. Belarus. Myanmar (Burma). Costa Rica. Cayman Islands. Kenya. Qatar. Tunisia. Angola. Nigeria. Madagascar. Guyana. Mongolia. Mauritius. Georgia. Aruba. Seychelles. Ghana. Jersey. Guatemala. Faroe Islands. Panama. Oman. Cuba. Gibraltar. Nepal. St. Vincent & Grenadines. Barbados. Tanzania. Cyprus. Cambodia. Belize. end. Google Analytics


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