Hilary's SUPER CAULIFLOWER VEGGIE BURGERS. They advertise as the world's greatest veggie burger. The burger textures more like a mashed potato patty. The cauliflower was difficult to find. It needs more of a binding component. It mashed with a fork really easily. I didn't put it on a bun. It would have been a waste. … Continue reading Hilary’s SUPER CAULIFLOWER VEGGIE BURGERS



This is the burger everybody's been talking about and quite frankly, compared to the other Impossible Burgers I've had this hardly resembled it. There are two ways you can order this burger at Burger King cooked: either flame broiled, or microwaved for those who don't want their burger cooked on the same surface an animal … Continue reading IMPOSSIBLE WHOPPER


HAZELNUT CRANBERRY ROAST En Croute by FIELD ROAST Grain Meats Served with Mustard Grape Sage Sauce as a main dish roast or on an English muffin sandwich! Yes to it all! En Croute means 'in a pastry crust'. Today we're serving an Artisan Vegan 100% Plant Based ROAST made from grains and veggies. Manufactured with … Continue reading HAZELNUT CRANBERRY ROAST En Croute

Pennsylvania Dutchman Mushrooms

Well. I always liked canned and/or jarred mushrooms. To me, they had more mushroom flavor than fresh cooked mushrooms. Just the mushrooms canned with salt brought out the flavor of the mushroom more than oils and garlic and herbs ever did. People who have eaten escargot (snails) claim that without the butter and garlic and … Continue reading Pennsylvania Dutchman Mushrooms

Tostitos Bite Size Tortilla Chips

BITE SIZE TOSTITOS TORTILLA CHIPS No double dipping worries when serving more than yourself and significant other. I like that. I like the chips too. Thin, but not so thin that the chips break when dipping into a guacamole. Mild flavored I also like. Remember when every now and then in a bag of potato … Continue reading Tostitos Bite Size Tortilla Chips

Lightlife Veggie Deli Slices

Okay, it's new, it's different from their other deli slices that have a denser more cohesive texture. Separating the slices is one of a few obstacles. If you're in a hurry and want to make a sandwich, you can't put your thumb under the slice to separate it from the pack. You need a sharp … Continue reading Lightlife Veggie Deli Slices

Tofurkey Ham Roast

TOFURKEY HAM ROAST Well, well, well, who would think a plant could be transformed into a replica of a ham roast? Not me years ago. Times have changed and lucky for us all, especially those whose hides are stolen to satisfy the cannibalistic palates of humans! Yea! Congratulations to the fine folks over at Tofurkey … Continue reading Tofurkey Ham Roast

May Wah Vegan Drumsticks

MAY WAH IMITATION SMOKED DRUMSTICKS Coated in Sweet Smoky Mustard Sauce and baked till crispy. Garnished with fresh cilantro and served with additional dipping sauce spiked with Balsamic vinegar and a mild sesame seed oil! The texture, flavor and overall mouth-feel is impressive! I would order these out if I had my choice of dipping … Continue reading May Wah Vegan Drumsticks

The Impossible Burger – update

This is one popular burger. Everybody wants it. Even burger joints that sell only animal meat want it. Fortunately for me several locations all at once, near enough so I could get to them, started putting it on their menus. We ordered it at Earth Bistro in Cleveland, a restaurant that makes everything they serve … Continue reading The Impossible Burger – update

My DNA Results Are In

ANCESTRY.COM \ ancestryDNA The big surprise was the Scandinavian influence coming in @ 31%. Great Britain including Wales and Scotland @ 21% no surprise there. A separate category for Ireland, Scotland and Wales was a little surprising @ 20%. Europe East including primarily Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Russia, Hungary, Slovenia, Romania, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Lithuania, … Continue reading My DNA Results Are In


BEYOND MEAT BURGER Now available at select locations. Check out their website: http://beyondmeat.com/. Steve and I tried this BEYOND MEAT BURGER a few days ago at EARTH BISTRO in Cleveland, Ohio. Although I'm not a fan of the thick burger, preferring them thin, this textured and flavored like a real animal burger - cow burger. The … Continue reading BEYOND MEAT BURGER


If this is how rocks taste, then I'm all in. Actually, it's the best water, bottled or not, that I've ever tasted. It is smooth as they say. Not so smooth however is their woman bashing mentality when describing that this water has never been touched by man, as if everybody human in the world … Continue reading FIJI NATURAL ARTESIAN WATER

Crabless Cake Bites – gardein

CRABLESS CAKE BITES Now this is an easy appetizer when you don't want to start from scratch. And why not impress your guests and make your appetizer the talk of the meal! Makes 18 bites  8.8 oz. Gardein brand Crabless  Cakes, frozen vegetable oil for frying Dipping Sauce: prepared yellow mustard ketchup veg mayo chopped … Continue reading Crabless Cake Bites – gardein

Best Vegan Chicken At Earth Bistro

Fried chicken doesn't get much better than this - vegan or not. Upon first bite I was sure that the chef got my order mixed up, since all items on the menu at EARTH BISTRO CAFE in Cleveland, Ohio can be made vegan or served with the animal counterpart. I was sure I got the … Continue reading Best Vegan Chicken At Earth Bistro

Vtopian Artisan Cheeses – Sun dried tomato brie

Most spreadable cashew cheeses have pretty much the same consistency, though flavors and other textures may vary. One drawback that I've noticed is their incompatibility with wheat crackers. Spread it on a wheat cracker, take a bite, chew and notice what happens. By itself, the cheese tastes and textures great. Put it on a wheat … Continue reading Vtopian Artisan Cheeses – Sun dried tomato brie


Most nutmilk cheeses are good on their own. Eat right out of the package is what I most often prefer to do. With this smoked cheese coated with cracked black pepper I decided to make a grilled sandwich. Use a deli-size whole grain bread, spread both pieces with Grey Poupon Dijon Mustard. Top one slice … Continue reading PUNK RAWK SMOKED NUTMILK CHEESE

Dairy-Free Yogurts I Don’t Like

Go back to the drawing board. Why is it that when somebody gets into the dairy replacement manufacturing business, they have to do it all? Do you really think that cheese makers or milk sellers around the globe take that kitchen sink approach to products they intend to sell? No. They don't. How many dairies … Continue reading Dairy-Free Yogurts I Don’t Like

The Jewel Of Russia

THE JEWEL OF RUSSIA VODKA This was a surprise gift from Steve. Expensive to be sure, but worth every penny.  

Guy Fieri Barbecue Sauce

This is the first time trying one of Guy Fieri's barbecue sauces. He's one of those chefs on the Food Network on T.V. - the one who does reviews of Diners Drive-ins and Dives around the country. Steve brought it home for a new product to try and it didn't disappoint. On the Fourth of … Continue reading Guy Fieri Barbecue Sauce


Yep, you guessed it - contains no animal products. Guess the liquor industry finally got wind of the truth about vegans, they like to drink! Ever see those perfume ads in swanky magazines where you pull back the fold and you can smell the scent of the fragrance being advertised? Well, leave it to Captain … Continue reading CAPTAIN MORGAN LOCO NUT EXPLOSIVE COCONUT SHOT

Baileys Almande Almondmilk Liqueur

GLUTEN FREE  DAIRY FREE  VEGAN Well, it finally got to Cleveland, courtesy of a bartender friend who likes to try vegan stuff and pushed for it. Dairy-based Baileys has cream and egg in it, so of course the original is going to be thicker and richer tasting than the almond milk version of Baileys. Still, … Continue reading Baileys Almande Almondmilk Liqueur

EARTH FARE vegan cookies

When Steve brought these cookies home I have to say that I was shocked that the maple cremes were in fact vegan. The ginger snaps I assumed were and of course they were. But the maple cremes? Wow, now this is nice I thought. And I was not disappointed. Although the ginger snaps were like … Continue reading EARTH FARE vegan cookies


ORGANIC CHICKPEA PUFFS  VEGAN WHITE CHEDDAR I've been meaning to try these puffs, when lo and behold they're staring me right in the face at Starbuck's coffee shop just after I had a discussion with the barista about when they'd be getting vegan products in. Guess she didn't know she had these either, or maybe … Continue reading HIPPEAS


In some locations around the country Starbuck's coffee is beginning to sell some vegan food items. At one such location in Cleveland, Ohio Steve found these Super Food Bites. COCONUT COOKIES made by emmy's ORGANICS. Wow, I thought, just when a lady at another Starbuck's told me vegan items wouldn't show up in the mid-west … Continue reading emmy’s ORGANIC COCONUT COOKIES

Bolthouse Farms Busted

There was a time, right up till I inadvertently purchased a bag of carrots with rotted carrots in it, that I trusted Bolthouse Farms products. Why not? Everything I ever bought with their name on it was good, very good. They have the best carrot juice. But I guess you don't have to use good … Continue reading Bolthouse Farms Busted


It took awhile for me to get to this VEGANEGG by Follow Your Heart. Steve finally found it at the Westside Market, but when unpacking the bags I noticed it was outdated by over one year. I almost gave up on it, since the people who sold it gave us such a hard time over … Continue reading VEGANEGG


PRODUCT REVIEW: A relative of the peanut family, the lupini bean tastes and textures like half bean and half nut. My first response was no, I don't like them. The garlic and herb flavored lupini beans tasted like lemon, then I realized it was lemon flavored - didn't get the herb or the garlic, since … Continue reading BRAMI SNACKING LUPINI BEANS


PRODUCT REVIEW - I HEART KEENWAH CHOCOLATE PUFFS BE MY VEGAN VALENTINE! ORDER ONLINE http://www.iheartkeenwah.com CHOCOLATE PUFFS NOT COCOA PUFFS Oh my gosh. What? Oh my God - that's better. Chocolate Puffs? Looking at the package I'm thinking Cocoa Puffs as in cereal, where the chocolate is in the cereal part. And what do I pour … Continue reading PRODUCT REVIEW – I HEART KEENWAH CHOCOLATE PUFFS


CAULIFLOWER CASHEW PAPRIKASH Schar's Gluten-Free Spaghetti topped with sautéed mushroom, sweet red pepper and onion. Followed by paprika and saffron seasoned roasted cauliflower. Top it all off with a Cashew Paprikash Cheese Sauce. Sprinkled with fresh grind black pepper and served with a fresh mint garnish! Serves 4 - Sauce makes 4 cups Make CASHEW … Continue reading CAULIFLOWER CASHEW PAPRIKASH


Whoa. Steve bought this thinking of course that it was vegan. Who wouldn't at first, second or even third glance think the same? That was the intent. To fool you. When companies try to fool you with labels and advertisement, beware. Companies like Lisanatti Foods are trying to get vegans back to the vegetarian trough. … Continue reading ALMOND MOZZARELLA STYLE CHEESE


PRODUCT REVIEW FOR: Delight Soy Vegan Chicken Nuggets In Mandarin Sauce. Okay, Heinen's Supermarket in Northeast Ohio buys the vegan nuggets from Delight Soy, then they add their own mandarin sauce to it and sell them in the deli. First time Steve brought these home I was stunned at how good they were. I figured … Continue reading DELIGHT SOY


If you're expecting a sweet potato chip to texture like a white potato chip, you'll be disappointed. The texture is thinner and a lot less crispy. I like them though. Not immediately. The texture is not what I'm accustomed to. They don't grab the dip like a ruffle chip would, but then the plain white … Continue reading UTZ SWEET POTATO CHIPS