Starbucks Sued for Allegedly Exposing Customers and Employees to Deadly Pesticide – update

CHEF'S NOTE: I'm glad I saw this today. I'm in Cleveland and the popular Lounge across the street has that same pest strip under the bar near food and beverage, visible to anyone sitting on the side of the bar. Almost identical to the pictures shown below. The day after I posted this article, I … Continue reading Starbucks Sued for Allegedly Exposing Customers and Employees to Deadly Pesticide – update


AFC Diet Coke Zero Calorie Salad Dressing ©

AFC DIET COKE ZERO CALORIE SALAD DRESSING © Everything you want in a dressing! This Is the Place!  Zero Calories! Makes almost 3 cups 1/3 c. fresh lime squeeze 1/2 c. apple cider vinegar 1/2 c. water 1 t. guar gum powder 1 c. Diet Coke 1/4 c. prepared yellow mustard 1 T. Gourmet Garden … Continue reading AFC Diet Coke Zero Calorie Salad Dressing ©

Bai video

YOU TUBE VIDEO REMOVED Bai bai bai T.V. Ad with Christopher Walken and Justin Timberlake (that other guy) is brilliant. Perfect. Held my attention right to the end, and I actually thought about it after viewing it. So often after viewing a commercial, I don't know what the commercial was selling. The art of the … Continue reading Bai video

Bolthouse Farms Busted

There was a time, right up till I inadvertently purchased a bag of carrots with rotted carrots in it, that I trusted Bolthouse Farms products. Why not? Everything I ever bought with their name on it was good, very good. They have the best carrot juice. But I guess you don't have to use good … Continue reading Bolthouse Farms Busted


Over the many years I've probably had 3-4 juicer machines. Each time after not much time, they all ended up at a garage sale. It just didn't seem worth the time nor effort to get so little juice and so much pulp that I didn't use out of the laborious process. That was back when … Continue reading I’M JUICING – AGAIN!?


* Vegan Butcher to Appear on Food Network July 15 As you may have noticed, we were closed for special events on Sunday and Thursday this week. Well, it was really one big special event and that event happened to be that we were filming for a television show! A couple months ago, we were approached by Diners, … Continue reading the HERBIVOROUS BUTCHER to air on DINERS DRIVE-INS AND DIVES

FIRST VEGAN BUTCHER SHOP in Minneapolis – Proprietors: Kale & Aubrey Walch

The Herbivorous Butcher website Vegan Starter Kit buy online from the shop $135.00


RAW REVOLUTION ADDED THREE MORE BARS TO THEIR PRODUCT LINE - RAW REV GLO! High protein, high fiber, low sugar, gluten-free, non GMO. All sounded great. Over the years I tried many breakfast-in-a bar, high energy, lift you up mid-day, or keep you going all day, containing supposedly all 'good for you' ingredients, made by popular … Continue reading PRODUCT REVIEW OF RAW REV GLO BARS


TOMATO SAFFRON SAUCE OVER PIEROGI Red Gold Diced Tomatoes with Chi-Chi Green Chilies, Roland Classic Coconut Milk, cilantro, garlic, coriander saffron. Ladled over JJ Wilk Potato and Onion Pierogi! Topped with fresh cilantro garnish and a wedge of fresh lemon! Makes approx. 6 cups sauce Sauce: 14.5 oz. can diced tomatoes (I used RED GOLD … Continue reading TOMATO SAFFRON SAUCE OVER PIEROGI


POTATO PIEROGI BENEDICT The JJ Wilk Potato and Onion acts like the egg in this special version of 'eggs' Benedict. English muffin layered with roasted pepper, creamy fresh steamed spinach, potato pierogi and lemon tarragon Egg-Free Hollandaise Sauce!  Serves 4 Egg-Free Hollandaise Sauce: Makes a little more than 1 cup 1/2 c. soy cream cheese … Continue reading POTATO PIEROGI BENEDICT