Delicious! Thanks for sharing! SAFFRON PESTO ROTINI

Make Sauerkraut

MAKING MINCED SAUERKRAUT Make Sauerkraut I tried to leave a comment on your site… but no luck, so here it is:  I’m quite impressed by what you have created. That’s what is so great about fermentation. Flexible and adaptable to each of our needs. I’m playing around with a more “relish” like consistency myself. I would hesitateContinue reading “Make Sauerkraut”


We like it all The Animal-Free Chef! We intend to visit often. WILD TOMATO ZUCCHINI  POT Dei Fratelli Did someone say ‘wild tomato?’ Lovely! BABY MUSHROOM LINGUINI BOLOGNAISE Dei Fratelli Seasoned with fennel, basil and garlic – that’s our tomatoes! SAFFRON CELERY SOUP Dei Fratelli Chopped Italian smiling for the camera! BATALI MEETS GARDEIN Dei Fratelli . . . .Continue reading “DEI FRATELLI TOMATO PRODUCTS”

Delight Soy Vegan Meats etc.

Check out this delicious recipe from our friends The Animal-Free Chef!! She also has many other delicious vegan recipes on the site! Check them out! OVER-THE-TOP-MACARONI SALAD

Sheila Gredzinski

Sheila Gredzinski  I absolutely love your recipes, you know I do, and what you have shared has helped so many. I have sent girlfriends with families to your page to learn how to cook for those families. Most husbands of my friends, they want a hot meal. And if this helps, it’s all good. My husband isContinue reading “Sheila Gredzinski”

Match Meats

This looks absolutely AHHHMAZING! Thanks for posting! MATCH SAUSAGE PRETZEL SANDWICH